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Is everything good with your company’s current training?

  • Do you have trainer’s who want to deliver better training??
  • Didi you have a career as a trainer previously?
  • Or, do you just want more confidence when delivering training?

Then you are in the appropriate place here!

  • Take advantage of the diverse and directly usable material that we at Carsten Deters & Partners deliver
  • Strengthen your company image, to attract the best talent who you have exclusively chosen you as an employer.
  • Have the ability to train you employees yourself, using qualified and well prepared trainers.

Ask yourself, is the quality of your training is convincing?

If your company has Ambitions – Then I have the program

My offer to you:

Well researched training philosophies, with recommendation of said training with ongoing results monitoring for absolute optimisation.

Whether you just want to improve, update or start your training practice again.
Then you an obtain your results in three (3) realistic steps!

Phase 1 … Action Plan

In the 1st Phase we will collaborate with you to build your custom action plan with overall analysis of this plan. You will receive everything you need to analyse and then take action plan to the next phase.

Phase 2 … Review

In phase 2 your company and Carsten Deters & Partners will reflect and review the action plan in order to take the plan forward together.

Phase 3 … Realisation

At your request Carsten Deters & Partners will accompany you on this journey to enable you to implement this plan.

  1. Where do you and your company stand today in terms of apprenticeship?
  2. Who is responsible for apprenticeship? Who ensures that it runs properly?
  3. Do all those involved employees in the training have the necessary skills? Does everyone know what to do
  4. Do you have a vocational training plan that is tailored to your company’s requirements? Is it realistic and practicable?
  5. In-company apprenticeship is a key element in securing the future of your company: Do all those involved in the apprenticeship – including the skilled workers – know about it?

The analysis is the basis for my recommendations and an action plan.

Important: The results are tailored to the needs of your company.

I present the results to you in a future workshop or I hand them over to you as a result document.

For the leadership team:

  • Promoting and consolidating development and training competence through needs-based advice, training and coaching.
  • Focal points are individual coaching of the educational management or responsible persons.
  • Development and implementation of the company training plan,
  • Support and guide the educational staff,
  • Guidance and monitoring of training and competence development in cooperation with young apprentices.

For the skilled workers:

  • Support with training, coaching and use of developed tasks for practical training.

For the apprentices:

Targeted encouragement of the vocational ability to act
through efficient apprenticeship.

Where have you been doing well?

At which points did you encounter hurdles?

What does this mean for the future planning of in-company apprenticeships?

To what extent should the curriculum be updated?

The task of the third phase is:

  • Securing the results achieved.
  • Testing the effectiveness.
  • Review and conclusions: Lessons learned.
  • Appreciating the individual contributions of all those involved.
In addition to the three steps, all services can be selected individually and individually by you – just as you need it.

Your benefits

for the management
Attracting good employees
The apprenticeship program is specially tailored to your company. It ensures you have access to qualified employees who are a perfect match for your company, both professionally and personally.
strengthen the image as an employer
Good apprenticeship gets around, not only among the apprentices. Professional training strengthens the image and thus the competitiveness of a company.
experience what is possible
Already today, companies receive extensive assistance such as financial and administrative support or the placement of applicants.

When it comes to transfer into practice, the supply becomes thin, but that is what counts: My support ensures that you can build up development and training competence in practice.

Safeguarding investment in apprenticeship
Training first of all generates costs. A misguided apprenticeship has just as unfavourable an effect as any other misinvestments You can protect your investment with a planned approach.
Targeted competence development
The field of work entitled ” apprenticeship ” is complex and multilayered – but only a part of it is significant for your company. One of my tasks is to filter out what is important for you and your training staff so that you save time and reach your goal efficiently.
for trainers and training managers
More time
As a former training manager, I know the abbreviations that make life easier and training more successful. You immediately gain more time.
motivated apprentices
Good apprenticeship motivates, because apprentices know the value of qualified education: a successful career begins with a good start.
proven guidelines
Through checklists and guidelines, you can benefit from over ten years of experience in education. The lists make sure that you think of everything important.

They ensure that you have easy access to the know-how that counts for you. Everyone involved in the education benefits from this.

A plan that fits
The official curriculum is one thing, your work practice and your manpower in the company is another. My recommendations in combination with the development of educational competence bring both sides together.

You can rely on the fact that the jointly developed company curriculum has its feet and hands.

Impulses for leadership and communication
“It’s the tone that makes the music,” they say, and it’s true: The “how” in communication influences the motivation of those involved in the training and the apprentices.

Where I come from, what I do

Carsten Deters, Portrait
Carsten Deters
Vocational education and training consultancy for SMEs as well as large companies, in particular for industrial-technical, manufacturing and processing industries and for logistics companies.

Authorised process consultant of the European support programme unternehmesWert:Mensch 

To the Vita and Motivation.


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