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Training expert Carsten Deters is a volunteer trainer for the initiative JOBLINGE gAG Hanse.

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Training expert Carsten Deters started his voluntary commitment to the Joblinge in Hamburg with an initial workshop with young people from Joblinge gAG Hanse on the subject of “My qualities as a strength for training”.

The JOBLINGE initiative creates an offer for young people who are looking for a connection to the world of work. It combines qualification in practice with personal, individual support and the concrete prospect of an apprenticeship or job.

Carsten Deters, portrait
Carsten Deters, Quality in Training Training coaching and qualification

In his practical workshop with the young people, Carsten Deters succeeded in providing valuable tips for preparing for the training, taking away fears and worries and appreciatively pointing out individual areas of development. The workshop strengthened the young people’s ability to reflect, sensitised them to the different characteristics of trainers and future colleagues in the training company and, all in all, promoted the competence to positively support successful training, explains Helen Dähne, coordinator of the young people and mentors.

Voluntary supporters, mentors and trainers like Carsten Deters accompany the young people during the JOBLINGE program. They help the joblings to expand their personal, social, methodical and practical skills. The aim is to identify their own strengths and goals more clearly, to develop their own initiative and to find an occupational field that matches their individual interests and qualifications.

Carsten Deters supports the initiative of Joblinge gAG Hanse, because the future of these young people is at stake and he would like to use his many years of experience with training companies and training personnel to help young people on their way to training and thus contribute to a positive start and completion of training.

Carsten Deters’ workshop was a complete success, adds Helen Dähne. She would like to thank the training professional for his work as volunteer workshop leader and is looking forward to further cooperation.

Carsten Deters – training coaching and qualification – is the training expert, advises and qualifies companies and their training participants. He has specialised in small and medium-sized companies and supports them with his offer individually, focused and sustainable in the development, organisation and implementation of training.